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Let’s analyse David Lynch Teaches Typing as if it’s a David Lynch movie


“I don’t do a perfect Lynch impression off-hand, it took hours of practice,” Luke Palmer says, his words trailed by a humble chuckle. He’s the man spearheading Rhino Stew Productions, an experimental studio behind David Lynch Teaches Typing, a mid-90’s inspired tutorial game where the Americana all-star himself (or at least an impressive impersonation of him) runs you through the basics of typing on your shiny, brand new MacLaclantosh 900. But does the game portray the seedy underbelly of the American dream, or would I be better off smashing my head against a bathroom mirror? Let’s rock. Read the rest of this entry »

David Lynch Teaches Typing is very, yrev good


Rhino Stew Productions’ delightful free game David Lynch Teaches Typing doesn’t necessarily require a working knowledge of the ways and tropes of America’s favourite avant-garde film-maker or of Mavis Beacon’s iron rule over 90s typing tuition programs, but it’s a doozy if you do. I will say that the impersonation of FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole’s distinctive barked but super-positive speech patterns is riotously on-point, however.

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