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Hey, Let’s Give David Gallant More Money Than He Needs

One thing we keep hearing is how generous the RPS community is. We keep seeing evidence of it too, and many developers have published their Kickstarter stats showing RPS readers chucking in the most. You lot are brilliant! So talking of which, I've just noticed that I Get This Call Every Day developer David S Gallant - the guy who was fired from his job…

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Feature: Just a few simple security questions

I Get This Call Every Day review

I Get This Call Every Day is a simple Flash game for Windows and OSX about working in a call centre, based on the real-life experiences of David S. Gallant. It achieves absolutely everything it needs to despite being a simple Flash game. I'll just need your name, address, previous address, social security number and date of birth, and then you can read all about…

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