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DoW2: Retribution Gets Tyranids

Yep, the hive-dwelling bio-weaponised ones join Orks and Eldar as the next playable faction – playable in the single-player campaign, that is – for the big Dawn Of War 2 expansion, Retribution, as revealed in PC Gamer’s scoop. There’s also a trailer of the handsome aliens in action, which I’ve posted below. Go team ‘Nids!
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DoW2 Hunkers Down In Readiness/Fear

In preparation for the impending Chaos Rising expandaspansionlone due later this week, there’s just been a hunka hunka burning patch for the original Dawn of War II. While the price of Chaos Rising might seem a little unfair, given it’s primarily an expansion hiding in self-contained form, Relic are going to extreme lengths to not split the player base. The update that’s just hit allows DoW2-plain players to battle against Chaos Rising players (and Dow2+Chaos Rising players), essentially patching the entire Chaos Faction into the original game. You can’t play as ‘em if you don’t own Chaos Rising, but you can play against them. Better still, the shiny new units for the four existing DoW2 races are now yours to play with, for free – including Genestealers. Genestealers! Dance-dance-happy-dance. Also thrown in are a clutch of new maps – the net result being that, whichever configuration of DoW2 you own, you’re not locked out of playing with anyone else. It’s an incredibly generous update, and I’ve a sneaking feeling it’ll shift a lot of copies of the expansion as a result. Full patch notes are hiding below – but you’ll get the whole lot if you update your copy of DoW2 on Steam now.
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Together Alone: Last Standing In DoW 2

It’s been out for a while, but I’ve only just gotten around to trying out the free Last Stand update for Dawn Of War 2. Chatting to one of the game’s producers a while back, he posited it as almost a third game – alongside the already dramatically different single and multiplayer aspects of it. The plan for it is to create a way for more casual/hithero singleplayer-focused chaps to play online, to enjoy the social aspects of multiplayer gaming, without being put off by the fear of a near-instant spanking by someone who knows the game intimately. Does it work?
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Dawn Of Update: The Last Stand

Dawn Of War 2’s 1.8 update is out [Later today, Jim – RPS], and that includes the new game mode Last Stand. You can check out a video of that mode below, but essentially it’s one hero against many waves of enemies. I believe it can be played co-operatively too, so it could be you and chum versus many waves of enemies. The update also includes loads of tweaks, two new multiplayer maps and new wargear. The full patch notes can be found here.
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Dawn of War 2 Beta Early Access (And Impressions)

How can they cut the power? They're animals, man.

To tie in with the early access to the Dawn of War beta kicking off, I wrote up some impressions over at Eurogamer. I had to resist just making Tyranid impressions for my entire word-count, because I’m weak like that. The beta turns open on January 28th, but until then anyone with a Dawn of War: Soulstorm key can play. It’s now available at 75% off on steam – so about four quid – which sounds a highly acceptable price for a game we weren’t totally enamoured with. (Actually, if you’ve never played DoW at all, I think for four quid, Soulstorm is where I’d suggest you start, even without the early access stuff). Alternatively, Eurogamer are giving away 3000 (count ‘em!) keys at the weekend.

Press release beneath the cut? Sounds about right.
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Dawn Of War 2 Footage

Relic still don’t seem to have really sold what Dawn Of War 2 is all about in their game footage and associated marketing jabber. Here’s what I wrote after I saw it in Vancouver almost a year ago: “What was great about the original game, such as its vicious melee combat and feeling of solidity, is going to provide cues for the new direction that this game moves in. DoW2 is a game that focuses on the actions of small team of personalised soldiers. Relic keep reiterating: this is a game where you are going to be focusing on the violent destruction of your enemies. It’s about “five or six squads of elite warriors” whose actions are going to define the course of galactic events in the Warhammer universe. It’s closer, and more intimate than the original game, discarding base-building and that anonymous production-line feel of the previous Dawn Of War games.” So think Diablo with squads of heavily armed space marines. Something like that.

A couple of minutes of footage beyond the cut show that. Shame it’s not something really meaty like the assault marines escaping from a collapsing bridge, or the fight with the ork warboss. Eurogamer have a more recent hands-on just here.
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Dawn Of War II In PC Gamer

A lengthy preview written by that Jim Rossignol guy.

This time, the focus is going to be on the actions of a small team of personalised soldiers. It’s about “five or six squads of elite warriors” whose actions are going to define the course of galactic events in the Warhammer universe. It’s closer and more intimate than the original game, moving away from that anonymous unit production-line feel of the previous Dawn of War titles.

Dawn of War 2 has another parent, however: the mighty Company of Heroes – a game which has done more to alter our perception of real-time strategy than any other title in the past five years. Company of Heroes created a game in which the more realistic behaviour of our units made for compelling play. We saw buildings collapse, craters form, and soldiers dive for safety behind shattered scenery.

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