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Life Imitates Art: The Black Glove Shelved

The Black Glove was a fascinating-sounding idea from a group of former Irrational Games folks, a game about fiddling with the history and fates of troubled artists in a metaphysical theatre by using a magic glove and an arcade cabinet. Magic! What they showed looked weird and interesting and exciting but my heart sunk a little when developers Day for Night Games took to Kickstarter seeking $550,000 – it simply seemed too high for a niche idea, even one so sumptuously-realised.

Alas, the Kickstarter fell short. They kept working on it for a while, but sadly have now “shelved” the idea. Shelved, not cancelled – they hope to return to The Black Glove somehow, some day.

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Performance Anxiety: The Black Glove

The Black Glove is a new project from a selection of the developers who worked on Bioshock, from the first game right up until Burial at Sea and the winding down of Irrational. It has instantly become one of the games I’m most looking forward to seeing more of, although that’s partly because there’s not quite enough on show right now. Based on the Kickstarter page and pitch video alone, The Black Glove appears to focus on all of the aspects of Bioshock that I had an interest in, without all the running, gunning and sorcerous genetics that never really tickled my fancy. Perhaps it’s Fort Frolic the game, except choosing to toy with performance, play and surrealism rather than murder-art. Indulge yourself.

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Conceptual Theatre: Irrational Vets Making The Black Glove

Smell the Glove.

Though BioShock is seemingly continuing, essentially everyone who ever worked on the series has split up, split off, or travelled to the four corners of the world. BioShock’s one of the finer modern FPS series, sure, but what might its makers do freed from the demands of sprawling development with huge budgets and mandatory face-shooting? We’ve already seen Gone Home and Eldritch from BioFolks gone indie, and now another group are having a crack.

Several Irrational Games alumni have announced The Black Glove, a first-person game where you’ll need to alter people’s past lives to change a production in a strange theatre. Ooh, metaphysical!

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