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Dead End Road Is A Vehicular Horror Game

staring guys

Has anyone ever made a driving game that is also a horror game before now? It might have happened. It must have happened, but I can’t think of a single example. Dead End Road [official site] makes a driving/horror mashup seem like such an obvious thing though, by borrowing or referencing so many tricks from scary movies that involve rear view mirrors and shadows in the back seat, figures at the side of the road, and radios that inexplicably puke out bursts of static. It’s simple, effective, short and replayable.

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Roguelookalike: ASCII-y FPS Illuminascii Released

Some parts look cooler than others. This: pretty cool.

Many games bear traces of Rogue and Roguelikes in their modern shells – your modern roguelikelikes like The Binding of Isaac and Spelunky – but they’re usually bits like procedurally-generated levels, mysterious items, and permadeath. New roguelikelike FPS Illuminascii [official site] also takes into its modern shell ASCII graphics.

It’s a strange mish-mash of 3D and ASCII symbols, where the player character is a 3D @ character (of course) and enemies are also characters, while guns are made of ASCII art and levels can be too. You can see for yourself, as the game launched last night.

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Audrey Hipbone: Breakfast At Cemetery

A skeleton breaks fast in a cemetery, struggling to crack eggs and consume the contents of plates and bowls. You are that skeleton.

And I said what about Breakfast at Cemetery?
She said I think I remember our lives,
And as I recall I think, we both kinda had flesh,
And I said well that’s, the one thing we’ve lost.

Breakfast At Cemetry is like QWOP except with breakfast instead of running and a skellington instead of an athlete.

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