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Dead or Alive 6 will tone down the wobbly bits, half-heartedly

dead or alive 6

It’s hard to separate fighting game Dead or Alive from its masturbatory fantasy aesthetic, but for the sixth outing, game director Yohei Shimbori says Team Ninja is trying to do just that. Sort of. Maybe. If the fans are OK with it. Maybe it will be worse! Read the rest of this entry »

Dead or Alive 6 will live (or possibly die) in Early 2019

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 9.00.16 AM

Dead or Alive 6 was announced today, following up the last iteration which was unleashed way back in 2012. The new title has an expanded roster, a debut trailer that we’ve got embedded below, and plenty of electricity shooting out of hands and/or out of the floor and/or the electrified wires of the battleground boundaries that keep your fighters contained. Team Ninja has also worked to tone down the hilariously overly sexualized character designs that the series has become synonymous with. Yes, the boob physics have taken a backseat to fighting in a fighting game, and I can already feel the dark parts of the internet boiling with rage.

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