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Feature: Our weekly best of the rest

Unknown Pleasures: Steam’s latest diamonds in the rough

Welcome back to Unknown Pleasures, our weekly deep dive into the deep, dark waters of Steam new releases. These are the games that we most liked from the past seven days (with the exclusion of those we've already wittered about in detail). This week, we have Inner Space: The FPS, globular cats, rollerskate simulation, platforming goldfish and a spiritual Myth sequel.

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Tactical Frost Giants And Explosive Goblins: Deadhold

Of the many RTS splinter-genres, one of the most interesting is the tactical half-way houses between strategy and RPG. No base-building or resource-gathering, but still controlling multiple units and attempting to conquer a map. Adam fondly reminisced about classic Myth and¬†"dwarves showering an entire hillside with the pieces of 'sploded enemies" when he saw¬†Deadhold this morning. The dev team were "inspired" by that series and…

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