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AIEEEEEE, SPLAT: Death From A 1000 Ft Fall

I question the validity of the main character's fear seeing as he looks like he might already be a ghost.

Sometimes I think life would be a lot easier if we weren’t all possessed by this pesky will to survive. I mean, it always makes things so complicated. What might have otherwise been a nice, pleasant Sunday afternoon high-speed collision suddenly gets all weird and lawsuit-y. Or maybe that cackling, trench-coat-clad figure in the park really was giving away candy. But now you’ll never know. Death From A 1000 Ft Fall proposes another such situation: you’ve been shoved off a skyscraper by your arch-nemesis, but instead of spending your final moments peacefully wafting, tickling the air itself with your feather-like grace, you start thrashing and flailing and going through your pockets for things that might get you out of your almost certainly fatal predicament. Ugh, survival instincts, am I right?

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