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Delightful Shmup Death Ray Manta SE Released, Includes Source Code So You Can Tweak Or Copy It

Indie (whatever that means, etc) stalwart Rob ‘RetroRemakes / OddBob’ Fearon, of War Twat fame (as well as an RPS comments regular), has just released his latest hallucinatory deathtrip shmup, Death Ray Manta SE. It’s a rebuilt, remixed, Steam-hosted version of his well-received 2012 title Death Ray Manta, which had the twin goals of being a sensory-overload arena shooter in the Minter tradition and trying to encourage a more open, co-operative approach to game-making by letting players fiddle with its data files. Hence the DRM jibe of the acronym, essentially. The new version goes even further: you can pick it up as part of a bundle which includes its source code and a basic edition of GameMaker. The dev is cheerfully expecting any amount of sweeping changes, a slew of clones and cheeky re-attribution as a result.
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