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One-Handed Geometry Wars: Death vs Monstars

While I may devour them in vast quantities, I am not, I fear, an especially skilled player of games. If a game requires reflex, or quick-thinking, or high manual dexterity, you will almost certainly be better at it than I am. See how I run should someone challenge me to Streetfighter IV, see how I cower if they ask me what my best score in Geometry Wars is.

Shmups especially are bittersweet for me. I want to play them because I want to shoot things in a spaceship, not because I want to be tapping buttons quicker than I can think, not because I want to watch a number on the top-left of the screen slowly increase, not because I want to feel the stinging challenge to self-betterment when I’m killed and thrown back to the start. Because I am a lazy coward who wants to watch things blow up. I enjoy the mechanics of something like Geometry Wars, but when I play it I sometime feel like I’m being punished and mocked. Oh boo-hoo. So! Lovely free webgame Death vs Monstars is pretty much ideal for me.
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