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Safe From Harm: Swarm Arena

Read the piece. It isn't what you're expecting.

Dedication Games’ Swarm Arena was released on Steam yesterday for seven quid fifty (though ten percent off in the first week). I’ve only had a half-hour with it, but I think it’s actually worth bringing to your attention. It’s a shame that there’s no demo (at least, not yet), for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I think quite a few of you will find it really intriguing. Secondly, it’s a tricky game to describe and the above screenshot is kind of deceptive. You’re probably thinking some manner of Geometry Wars arena-shooter. Well, it is kind of an Arena-shooter, but… well, imagine being a sun and trying to weaponize everything in your orbits. That’s not helping, is it? I’ll say some more beneath the cut, and present the trailer which kind of makes things clearer…
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