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Deep Rock Galactic adds hard combat and floppy beards

Deep Rock Galactic

Despite only debuting a few months ago, it feels like forever since I’ve played any of Ghost Ship Games’ co-op space-dwarf mine n’ shooter Deep Rock Galactic. While I’ve been absent, the developers certainly haven’t, as its 14th major update just rolled out. Jokingly named Feature Creep, this new version adds new environment variety, enemy types, gameplay features and – most importantly – accurately modelled beard physics for your dwarven mining crew. The developers also reckon this is a great point for new players to start out.

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How Deep Rock Galactic mines fun from absolute darkness


This is The Mechanic, where Alex Wiltshire invites developers to discuss the difficult journeys they underwent to make the best bits of their games. This time, Deep Rock Galactic [official site].

The moment Deep Rock Galactic took my imagination was when I saw its dwarf miners throwing flares into the inky blackness of a cave in its E3 trailer. Few games do darkness, and here was a game trading in it. As the flares fell they lit up the faceted low-poly walls of the cavern, revealing what lay ahead: ore to mine, pitfalls to fall into, twisting passageways to get lost in, and swarms of alien enemies. It got right to the core of exploration, capturing the mystery and adventure of blundering into spaces where no one has been before. In short, darkness leans right into everyone’s favourite fantasy of being a dwarven miner in space. Read the rest of this entry »

Steam Charts: The Someday Papers Edition

Some Monday mornings, as I plonk myself down at my desk at 6.50am and load the RSS feed for the Steam Charts, I think to myself: you know what? There are so many other things I’d like to write about today. Anyway, here are the top ten games on Steam from the last week.

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Dwarf ’em up Deep Rock Galactic digs into early access


Someone brought up an interesting point in the comments the last time we posted about Deep Rock Galactic: given the lack of any reference points, how do we know these space dwarves are actually dwarves? They could be towering monstrosities that make us humans look like dormice. But then, what does it actually mean to be a dwarf? Rather than being a matter of size, could it be about achieving a certain state of mind? An outlook? A philosophy?

You could spend this evening pondering those important questions, but if you really want you could play the game instead: Deep Rock Galactic’s blend of co-op mining and bug blasting is now available to everyone willing to brave the early access rock face. I had a quick go with it a couple of weeks ago, which means I can now bestow the game with a tentative thumbs up.

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Space-Dwarf sim Deep Rock Galactic launches February

Deep Rock Galactic

Whether deep under-mountain or out in the void of space, Dwarves are one of the most stable of fantasy archetypes. They love their drink, they love their gems, and when given the chance they’ll always dig too greedily and too deep. You’ll get to do all of this in upcoming co-op shooter/mining expedition Deep Rock Galactic, which looks to blend Minecraft-ish spelunking with Left 4 Dead style procedural combat encounters, all wrapped up in a neat semi-low-fi art style.

While the final release of the game is still some ways off, developers Ghost Ship Games will be opening throwing open its doors to brave bearded pioneers later this month, with the first public build available via Steam Early Access on February 28th.

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