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Deep Sixed makes you captain of the worst spaceship

Deep Sixed

You’ve got an alien space-whale apparently humping your ship, there’s a hole in your hull that you can only patch over with copious application of duct tape, your current laser frequency is useless against the creature and even if you do remember what panel the laser configuration controls are behind, you still need to manually swap out an energy conduit that just burnt out, and that’ll probably mean cannibalizing one from elsewhere as you forgot to bring spares.

Picard you ain’t. Is this what life was like for Miles O’Brien? Poor bastard.

Deep Sixed (from Rogue State studio Little Red Dog Games) is a unique space exploration game that feels like a hybrid of FTL and Jalopy, latest in the new sub-genre of Shitty Vehicle Adventures. The game is out today, and the launch trailer and my initial thoughts on the game lie within.

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