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Blizzard Square Off With Valve Over DOTA

If I were Valve, I'd just trademark Dohtah. It's what everyone calls it anyway, right?

Blizzard has fired a warning shot across Valve’s sleek, streamlined bow over use of the DOTA trademark.

Blizzard game design lead Rob Pardo said in an interview with Eurogamer that since Defence of the Ancients came out of the Blizzard WarCraft 3 community, Valve trademarking DotA for the purposes of developing DOTA 2 “doesn’t seem the right thing to do”.
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Valve Announces Dota 2


Valve have announced their new game. As expected, it’s to do with Defence Of The Ancients. But it’s not a remake – it’s a sequel. It’s Dota 2. (Except it’s a remake really.) The details are over on Game Informer, which is inevitably struggling with traffic at the moment. More details below.

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