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Have You Played… Defender Of The Crown?

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Defender of the Crown [gog page] is probably the first strategy game I ever played, if you’re willing to ignore Chess. Let’s just say that Cinemaware’s depiction of a Kingless England was my first computer strategy game. I played it on an Amiga back in the eighties and it felt like an entire world was coming to life on the screen. Read the rest of this entry »

Defender of Defender of the Crown? Well, A Bit…


I’m not entirely sure why last year’s Defender of the Crown: Heroes Live Forever is going around the demo-sites again when its been out for over a year. But in the early morning time, I found myself oddly drawn to play it. I had one eye on the reviews last year, where everyone tore it apart. First one to turn up is Gamespot UK’s, which is characteristic in its laceration and its criticism. Which is primarily that it’s some manner of desecration of the past when their actual problem is that the past wasn’t that good to start with. After all, if it were any good, they wouldn’t mind just a minor aesthetic scrub-up. Defender of the Crown, like the vast majority of Cinemaware’s games, were deeply strange products of their time, constructed around ideas which are pretty much discredited now. And playing it… well, I think maybe that’s a shame.
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