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Heroes Of The Storm: Primal Zerg Dehaka Burrows In

Primal Zerg hero Dehaka is burrowing his way into Heroes of the Storm [official site] from the StarCraft-iverse to become the game’s fiftieth playable character.

My knowledge of StarCraft lore is perhaps best described as “minimal” but there’s a short Hotline Bling reference in the Dehaka introduction video so now I have “You used to call me through the Overmind…” stuck in my head as a lyric. It kind of fits as Dehaka’s whole deal is that he stayed home on the Zerg planet and is an individual not part of a swarm but I’m not sure that the Overmind would have ever called him because he doesn’t have a psionic connection which I assume you need for zerg brain broadband and booty calls from the Overmind or whatever.

Anyway, here’s how the hero works:

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