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Who Made Aliens? Here’s What We (Sorta) Know

If Aliens could cry, entire planets, ships, and conveniently placed ventilation systems would be dissolving under a torrential downpour of acid-laced tears right now. See, in spite of their lovable looks and multi-mouthed charm, no one wants to take credit for, well, pretty much anything about Aliens: Colonial Marines. First, Gearbox kinda did, but then TimeGate was accused of incubating Colonial Marines’ loathsome single-player campaign – which prompted Sega to descend from its mountain of unreleased Shenmue sequels and tilt the needle back in Gearbox’s direction. Seems like a lot of fuss to make if it was really all Gearbox at the helm, though, huh? And that’s where a winding Reddit post by an alleged Gearbox employee enters the picture. Further, RPS reached out to a former TimeGate employee (who wished to remain anonymous) to clarify the situation.

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Soon, Shoot Many Robots Will Let You Shoot Many People

A game of thrones - and crippling head, neck, and back problems.

Hey, remember that one game with all those snazzy guns and that Gordon Freeman guy? You know, Shoot Many Robots? Well, it’s headed in a rather unexpected new direction. After beginning life as a (relatively cheap) purchasable product, it’s now launching a fully standalone free-to-play PVP extension. Titled “Arena Kings,” it comes with the most uncharacteristically no-frills description ever: “Arena Kings is a PvP shooter set in the same world as Shoot Many Robots.”┬áIn truth, though, it sounds like Demiurge is dedicated to making this far more than a many-robot-shooting shot in the dark.

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Shoot Many Robots Optimised For PC, Released 6 April

Where is my continuity?!

Shoot Many Robots, Ubisoft’s co-op side-scrolling shooter, has a PC release date for Steam. The 6th April. It’s been out on console downloads for a while now, and has garnered an extremely confusing mix of reviews. The super-angry Destructoid loved it with an 8, while the pathologically generous IGN broke their score machine by going as low as 4.5. So I don’t know what to think. About anything. Pre-ordering the game will score you a few bonuses. Get three copies and they’ll throw in a fourth, along with some aesthetic Valve-themed changes for the game – the likes of Gordon Freeman as a playable character, or Portal turrets as enemies, along with some TF2 shenanigans.

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