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Little Nightmares 2 gets a creepy demo ahead of next year’s launch

Fancy a go at brutally morbid platforming spooker Little Nightmares 2 ahead of next February's release? Developers Tarsier Studios today released a short, free demo of the delightfully unsettling sequel's opening act on Steam. Personally, the first game looked far too creepy for me - but maybe, with a pint-sized pal to join our lil' raincoat bud this time around, things might be okay? Right?

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Sewing adventure Weaving Tides knits up a free demo

It's gotten awfully cold out lately. A perfect time, then, for getting yourself wrapped up in a nice nook with a hot drink and a spot of knitting with Weaving Tides. Developers Follow The Feathers this week released a free demo for their pleasant, aerial knit 'em up, letting you sew your way through the story's opening or else freely embroider your own creations over…

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The Wonderful 101 now has a two-hour demo where you can play as Bayonetta

In my head, The Wonderful 101: Remastered has only been out for a month or so. In reality, it came out back in May, and I'm not quite sure how that happened. 2020 continues to amaze with its ability to warp all perception of time. Oh well. Platinum Games' weird superhero-morphing adventure has a free two-hour demo out now on Steam, so perhaps that will…

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Football Manager 2021 is out now, reflecting some of the pandemic’s effects on footie

Sports Interactive today released Football Manager 2021, their latest digital adaptation of your dad shouting at the telly. You too can have all the answers to lead a team to glory in leagues and competitions around the world. It's been a strange year for football (and for everything) so FM2021 does reflect some of the pandemic's effects on the beautiful game. However, the devs want…

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Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition has a free 10-hour demo

Ahead of its release on PC next month, the horrifically long-named Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes Of An Elusive Age - Definitive Edition has a free demo you can play right now. It lets you explore the first 10 hours of the turn-based RPG, and all your progress will carry over into the full game if you end up buying it after.

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Feature: “Bad wears many hats in Rogue State: Revolution”

The Flare Path talks to Ryan Hewer

Generally when a Flare Path interviewee says they dabbled in diplomacy in their younger days they are talking about their formative games. However, in Ryan Hewer's case the lower case 'd' isn't a typo. My interlocutor today is a man whose CV bestrides two parallel worlds. In one the dire consequences of a clumsy piece of international brinkmanship can be fixed with a single dab…

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Ubisoft’s Immortals Fenyx Rising has a demo you can play in your browser

'Tis the season for Ubisoft's latest round of open-world murder simulators, but this year they have a family-friendly one too. Immortals Fenyx Rising seems like it might be a fun one, smashing Zelda: Breath Of The Wild into Ancient Greek mythology, and you can try it for yourself in a demo. Ubi have palled up with Google to release a Fenyx demo playable for free…

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Catch the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest from now until Monday

Gather 'round and take a seat, Steam have now kicked off their first Digital Tabletop Fest, an event of panels, announcements, and demos for games that "run across the lines between digital and physical games". From now until next Monday you can catch panels from the likes of developers adapting tabletop RPGs, building digital deck-builders, and other such table to screen fare.

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Try your hand guiding Humankind in a new demo for the Civ-like strategy game

Amplitude Studios' strategy game Humankind is offering a playable peek at their vision for the next era of civilisation 'em ups. The strategy romp has a new trailer out along with a free demo that you can play in your browser so you can decide for yourself if it'll take the strategy crown. Sega announced today that they're planning Humankind's launch for sometime in April 2021.

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Feature: Play these six samples while you can

The Flare Path: Demo Charge

I wanted to burn the following appetisers onto a CD then sellotape the disc to the front cover of today's column but Graham said that was “technically impossible” so links and enticing descriptions will have to suffice. Be aware that most of the demos detailed below will self-destruct when the ongoing Steam Game Festival ends next Tuesday, and that the line-up is the result of…

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I simply do not know where to put all of these cats

It's been of my understanding that getting cats under control is an impossible task. And yet, I thought I'd managed it with the help of Cats Organized Neatly. The delightful free demo had me thinking myself a master cat-wrangler right up until this massive dozing kitty slumbered its way into my life. With a free demo for the adorable pet puzzler out now, I am…

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You should play Demon Turf’s demo before it disappears

Steam's Game Festival: Autumn Edition is now in full swing, and it's offering us lucky lot the chance to play hundreds of free game demos until next Tuesday, October 13th. I've had a good rummage through the store and plucked out Demon Turf, a stylish 3D platformer with 2D characters where you play as Beebz, a raucous young demon with an attitude. Your main aim?…

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Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition begins now with hundreds more demos

The year of digital festivals continues with yet another Steam Game Festival. For its autumn edition, Steam is once again offering hundred of free game demos for you to play paired with livestreams and developer Q&A's throughout the week. The festival is on now and will run through next Tuesday, October 13th.

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Burn everything you own in Bonfire Peaks’ new demo

Bonfire Peaks is a very irresponsible game. Oh, it looks lovely, but I'm certain there must be laws against setting fire to crates of garbage all the way up the side of a mountain, even if you have to wrap your head around some peculiar puzzles to do so. There's a demo out the now - and at the very least, it's a good excuse…

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Feature: I want to walk them all. Well, some of them.

An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs has excellent dogs with jobs

The Game Devs of Color Expo - an inclusive celebration and showcase of the work of developers from a broad spectrum of backgrounds - took place this weekend. As well as talks from different developers, GDoCE put on Gradient Convergence, showcasing a collection of cool games on Steam. I was fortunate enough to jump into one of these and visit a universe built by Xalavier…

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Feature: Lords Immobile

The new Stronghold Warlords demo gets feudalism just right

I've missed all the demos so far for Stronghold Warlords, the upcoming instalment in Firefly Studios' long-running castle-building-and-bashing series, despite being a big fan of the original games. But seeing as Warlords is being featured at Ye Olde PAX X EGX, and I had my hands on the new demo (which is out right now!), I figured now was the time to get stuck in.Well,…

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Feature: Far from middling

The good medieval mollusc boys of Inkulinati’s turn-based strategy will leave you feeling giddy

Inkulinati is a turn-based strategy game where you take control of a Master of Living Ink, or Inkulinati, as they’re otherwise known. Inkulinati face off against one another by drawing weird and fantastical beasts on the margins of medieval manuscripts and sending them into battle. It’s basically a fight to the death, but with doodles, and it's all in a stunning art style inspired by…

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Feature: I hope there's not a test after this

You Suck At Parking made me really happy to be in a car crash

I've never been so called out by a game name. Look, I took a break from driving for like six months because of the pandemic. You try going that long without having to parallel park, yeah? They say the skill comes back quick but it most certainly does not. Thankfully, Happy Volcano's You Suck At Parking does not actually make you drive a real vehicle.…

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Feature: I swear, officer, we only had a few bubblegum flavoured vodkas

Watch me interrogate a teenage perv in cyberpunk detect ’em up Gamedec

For the week that's in it, and this week has huge gaming digi-vent PAX-X-EGX in it, Gamedec has a free demo for you to try. Which I have, in several times. Gamedec is, y'see, a) a detective game that is b) a text heavy RPG without combat and c) offers multiple routes to solutions. As a Venn diagram of my interests, it's almost a perfect…

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Feature: It got weird after my friend was turned into a statue of my other friend

I cannot adequately explain Starstruck, but I like whatever it is

Starstruck: Hands Of Time is a cutesy adventure game about going back in time to help some kids save the world.No, that's not right.Starstruck is a rhythm-action game about a guitarist trying to make it big.No, no. Starstruck is a silly rampage game about taking control of a giant hand as it smashes up little model neighbourhoods. Wait, it's actually a slightly dark story about…

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