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Hotline Miami Is Hiding Behind A Mask

Hotline Miami sure is a game. A game that’s going to kill you. And in the game. It’s out in only three days, so I grabbed the chance to speak to publisher Devolver Digital’s Chief Financial Officer and all round PR expert – Fork Parker – for a hard-hitting interview.

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Phoning It In: Hotline Miami

Dialling to...meat you. To make you into meat. Meat's a verb now.

If Drive, the ultra-stylish Ryan Gosling biopic, had been set in Vice City and starred a psychopath, it might well have looked like Hotline Miami. Cactus, creator of many weird and wonderful things, is working on the game with graphic artist Dennis Wedin and it looks brilliantly deranged. Devolver Digital clearly think so as well as they’re publishing the top-down carnage simulator.

Hotline Miami is a gritty homage to the 80s, with a storyline as bizarre as it is emotional.

The debut trailer is gritty, 80s and bizarre. Perhaps curiosity and mild discomfort are emotions? Let’s see.

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