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You can save 15% on this RTX 3080 Alienware Aurora desktop

As you may have noticed, graphics card deals are pretty few and far between this Black Friday, and there simply haven't been any RTX 3080 cards in stock to even try and buy one at their usual price. At least not on their own, anyway. If you've got deep pockets and have been thinking about upgrading your entire PC to, say, play Cyberpunk 2077 with…

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This Black Friday gaming PC deal is probably the quickest way to an RTX 3070

Nvidia's RTX 3070 vanished off the face of the planet almost as soon as it went on sale a couple of weeks ago, making it nigh-on impossible to get hold of for would-be upgraders. If you're prepared to buy a whole new PC to get one, though, then this Black Friday deal from system builder PC Specialist may be the fastest route to getting yourself…

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More PCs should steal the PS5’s dust catcher design

Ever since Sony released their PlayStation 5 teardown video last month showing the inner workings of their latest console box, I've been asking myself one question: why don't more PCs have PS5-style dust catcher holes for easy vacuuming? I know a lot of PC cases have detachable dust filters and the like these days for helping to keep our machines dust-free, but as anyone who's…

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Scan’s stylish Core i7, RTX 2070 Super desktop is £150 off right now

Intel's Gamer Days deals continue this week with discounts aplenty across a whole range of retailers, and the next one I wanted to highlight is this gaming desktop deal from Scan UK. They've currently slashed £150 off their 3XS Arctic Evo RTX PC, taking this normally £1650 desktop down to £1500. Inside, you get one of Intel's brand-new Core i7-10700K CPUs as well as an…

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Save $800 on this Core i7, RTX 2060 Super desktop right now

Intel are holding their annual Gamer Days deals bonanza at the moment, and there are buckets of savings to be had on all manner of Intel-based desktops, laptops and processors. Running from now until September 6th, I'm still working my way through all the many hundreds of deals on offer, but this one from Newegg immediately caught my eye. It's an Intel Core i7-10700K and…

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Konami’s new cheese grater gaming PC specs are getting shredded online

Konami may be best known for making games here in the west, but over in Japan they also have a long history of making arcade hardware and pachinko machines for the amusement sector. Now, they're branching out into gaming PCs as well thanks to their new line of Arespear rigs, which were unveiled earlier this week. The name is meant to be a portmanteau of…

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Dell’s UK sale ends today, so grab these great gaming laptop deals while you can

After serving up ten days of some pretty great gaming laptop and monitor deals, today is the last day of Dell UK's Premier sale event, making it your last chance to save 14% on their range of gaming laptops, gaming desktops and gaming monitors. Far from being left with the deals dregs, however, there are still some pretty smashing deals out there to see out…

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Watching Henry Cavill build a PC gave me a heart attack

Henry Cavill, everyone's favourite Super-Witcher-Warhammer-miniatures-painter-man, has recently built himself a new gaming PC, and he's documented the whole thing in a lovely, if very occasionally heart-stopping video post on Instagram. His choice of components is actually pretty sound, ranging from a top of the line Ryzen 9 CPU to an RTX 2080 Ti graphics card, but it turns out that even his Geralt Witcher sense…

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Dell have knocked up to 40% off loads of gaming monitors, laptops and desktops

Dell have kicked off a huge ten-day sale across all sorts of different PC-related bits and bobs today, including up to 40% off gaming laptops, gaming desktops and their Alienware gaming monitors. There's a lot going on, but we've picked out our top Dell deals highlights below, including £100 off one of their officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitors, the AW2521HF, and a GTX 1660 Ti-powered…

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Save $400 on an RTX 2070 gaming laptop in Newegg’s 4th July sale

Newegg have kicked off their 4th July celebrations early today with a good old-fashioned sale on thousands of PC components. If you'd rather not go through the faff of building a PC, though, then some of the biggest savings to be found on gaming laptops and pre-built desktops. Fancy knocking $400 off an RTX 2070 gaming laptop or bagging a RTX 2070 Super desktop for…

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It’s silly, but I’m actually in love with the two little trolley wheels on Acer’s Orion 9000 mega rig

It's the little details that really make a gaming PC special. Sure, the newly-unveiled 2020 refresh of Acer's Predator Orion 9000 mega desktop might have one of Intel's Core i9 Extreme Edition CPUS and two Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards SLI-ed together for maximum gaming frames, but it's those dinky little trolley wheels on the back of its chassis that really caught my…

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I thought the PS5 design looked familiar, and apparently Zotac think so, too

We already know there are loads of PlayStation 5 games coming to PC, but now it seems the entire look of Sony's new space age console box is also borrowing a fair bit from existing PC case designs. Specifically, Zotac's MEK1 mini PC, as their Italian Facebook page recently asked fans to "spot the difference" between the two machines, and yep, I'm definitely having a…

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The best PC gaming deals still going on at Best Buy’s Memorial Day sale

If you didn’t figuratively fill your boots with Memorial Day sale items over the weekend, you’ll be pleased to hear that Best Buy still has a few solid offers for the PC gamer with money to burn, including a whole host of pre-built gaming PCs and gaming laptops up for grabs, plus loads of discounts on mice, keyboards and Samsung's 240Hz CRG5 monitor.

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Dell’s mega sale on Alienware and G-series PCs and laptops has loads of great savings

The deals train continues today, this time in the form of huge savings on a bunch of Dell and Alienware desktop PCs and gaming laptops on both sides of the Atlantic. Indeed, Dell UK are having a 72-hour sale right now, where you can get a 14% discount on a number of great G-series and Alienware laptops and desktops with the code SAVE14 (or AW14,…

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Alienware’s Aurora R8 gaming desktop is $340 off today

Good news, American readers: an Alienware desktop is going cheap. Yes, yes, I know pre-builds aren’t for everyone, especially when we’re all locked inside and have precious little else to do except click RAM into motherboard sockets and contemplate the best way to negotiate airflow. But for some, would you believe, that doesn’t sound like fun at all, and that’s where Alienware's pre-built Aurora R8…

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Lian Li put the “desk” in desktop with their mad, new motorised PCs

Desktop PCs can be huge, clunky things that take up buckets of room sometimes, but what if I told you that you can still have a super powerful PC without having to put up with an enormous PC tower? Enter PC case maker Lian Li's new motorised gaming desks. Dubbed the brilliantly catchy DK-04F and DK-05F, you can now gaze at the innards of your…

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Get over £230 off an RTX 2070 gaming laptop in Dell’s UK sale

Amazon aren't the only ones getting in on the deals action today, as Dell have just fired their own deals gun to signal the start of their three-day UK sale. There are big savings to be had on all sorts of XPS, Inspiron and Alienware gaming laptops, desktops and gaming monitors, and your ever faithful deals herald has scoured the lot of them to bring…

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This terrifying gaming bed is just a toilet short of perfection

I don't know what's happened further down the timeline, but it would appear that the terrifying Acer Thronos mega chair has been overthrown by a new gaming overlord: the gaming bed. Conceived in Japan by gaming desk maker Bauhutte, this cursed concoction is actually a Power Rangers-style amalgamation of all their gaming furniture combined. Only instead of transforming into a mighty-morphin' humanity-saving mech suit, it's…

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Feature: Especially when you hate buying new PCs

Everything you need to know about upgrading your PC in 2020

Some of you love building a PC. You’re well into hardware trends and technical innovations and model numbers and all of that. This is fine and valid. But a lot of players are just not interested. They love games on the PC, but the machinery itself is irrelevant. I am one of those people.I’m not totally clueless. I know some basics. I can put a…

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Feature: Slaying those frames

Wired2Fire’s Predator PC is primed and ready for 1440p gaming for just under £1300

At the end of last year, I put together our official RPS Rig, which included everything you needed to build a gaming PC for less than £1000, including your monitor, mouse and keyboard and all the extra peripherals that go with a modern PC. However, many of you asked what that rig would look like if it was just the PC that cost £1000 (you…

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