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RPS Discusses: Do Expansion Packs Still Matter?

Expansion packs were once a core part of playing PC games, but they can often feel less essential in a world of constant updates and microtransactions. Original game Alec, expansions Adam and Graham, and brief DLC Alice gathered to discuss their favourite game expansions and why they still think the model works.

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Hands On: DXHR: The Missing Link

What a shame.
Deus Ex: Human Revolutions’s first piece of expansion DLC turns up on the 18th, for the price of $14.99 USD, €10.99, or £8.99. I’ve been having a bit of a play, and I’ll be able to tell you a bit more – while attempting to dodge spoilers (there are few quite stealthy ones, but nothing fatal) – below.
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DXHR: Missing Link Spoilers Video Thing

The pointiest of all the beards.

Do you want to know what happens in the second half of the Deus Ex DLC, The Missing Link? No, nor me. But for some reason that’s information Eidos have put into a walkthrough trailer, narrated by game designer Antoine Thisdale. You can watch it below, if you like to know what happens far in games before you’ve played them.

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Found Footage: DXHR The Missing Link

The ferries I've been on have always been horrendously brightly-lit. This looks far more relaxing

The kerrrrayzeeeee hi-jinks of Adam ‘Elbows’ Jensen are set to continue very soon, with the impending The Missing Link downloaderised content injection. What mad scrapes and hilarious misunderstandings will our man with the facially-implanted sunglasses get into this time? Well, let’s have a little look, as Eidos Montreal’s Lead Narrative Designer Mary DeMarle narrates a five-minute taste of the new, ship-bound corridors, staircases and security control rooms Elbows is due to explore.
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On A Boat: Deus Ex DLC Screens & Trailer

He's leaking.

The order in which information arrives is very confusing. Everyone heard about Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s The Missing Link DLC earlier this week, and today Square have officially announced it. But that means we also get pictures and a video. I’ve augmented the post with the details below. Do you see? I said “augmented the post”. Because in Deus Ex you augment yourself with augments, and so in saying “augmented the post” I’m applying that theme to a piece of writing about the game. It’s a bit of wordplay.

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Found, Linked: DXHR’s The Missing Link DLC

Allow me to guess: 2-3 hours of additional content for around $5

Here’s a huge news story that we somehow didn’t manage to post yet, because we’re big, silly poo-poo heads. Also, I was distracted by being stung on the eyelid by a wasp, which is something I can recommend to precisely nobody. While I was busy bellowing in horror, the Deus Ex Human Revolution DLC teased by last week’s rather inelegant ARG finally came to light. As suspected, it’s called The Missing Link, and as speculated it concerns the rather odd scene late in the main game where Adam goes on a secret journey to an unknown location. (And if you think that amounts to a spoiler for a game that’s all about mysteries, I honestly despair.)

If you haven’t gotten that far in the game, don’t read on – because more fulsome details are below. If you can’t read the rest but are itching for safe DX reading – well, how about browsing RPS cunningly rejiggered to look like one of DXHR’s in-game electro-newspapers? Top work, Nir Yomotov. Truly, his vision is augmented.
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