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I Hate Indie Games!

I don't hate indie games. But just so you understand the true nature of PC Gamer's most recent Devil's Advocate, I direct you to look at the title. Devil's Advocate. It's the column in which I argued graphics are more important than gameplay, and games should be harder, more boring, and free of violence. You know, I was being a Devil's Advocate. DO YOU SEE?…

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PCG: Co-op? Sling your hook.

When I was last in the Gamer office, they caught me in a - Dwarf Fortress Mode on - fey mood. Guiding me towards a keyboard, it ended in another rant where I continue the last seven-days theme of asking the entire internet outside, as I think they spilt my pint. It's about how the current wave of co-op games isn't exactly the unvarnished joy…

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