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A Bastard In Neverwinter: Part Two – Tipping The Tables

As I replay Neverwinter Nights 2, being as horrid as possible, I’ve noticed how much my year of playing a table-top D&D game is affecting my experience.

In the last year, I’ve begun playing my first ever real-life D&D game. We’ve the mighty Jim Rossignol as our Dungeon Master (DM), and alongside me at my dining room table sits RPS’s own Graham Smith and Marsh Davies. Together we adventurers from Far Lotus explore the lands in search of signs of an old god that Marsh’s bonkers zealot cleric Tiefling worships. And as someone who’s played RPGs since the 80s, it’s been quite an interesting process to finally learn from where it all came. It certainly influences how I’m seeing Neverwinter Nights 2 this time around.

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A Bastard In Neverwinter: Part One – Bastardly Beginnings

When it comes to reeling off the great RPGs, names like Baldur’s Gate, Planescape: Torment and Dragon Age: Origins are likely among the first to come to mind. Ask again and you’ll likely hear Pillars Of Eternity, Diablo II, Knights Of The Old Republic, Mass Effect 2… For some reason it takes far too long before the name Neverwinter Nights 2 gets a mention. But is that right?

Written by Chris Avellone, and created by Obsidian, the hugely ambitious sequel to BioWare’s Neverwinter Nights decided to not only redevelop the tools for allowing players to create their own D&D stories, but to put enormous effort into creating a unique Forgotten Realms tale of their own. I remember it as being a triumph. In fact, it’s one of three games I ever gave 90% in a decade on PC Gamer. But that was 2006, and it seems so forgotten now. How does it fair in 2015? I needed to find out.

Returning to it nearly a decade on, I decided the best approach would be to experience its tale of silver shards and evil invasions from the King Of Shadows in a very different way than before. I’d be evil.

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A Witcher 3 Diary, Day 6: Bloodied

Concluding – for now, at least – a short, primarily in-character chronicle of adventures in The Witcher 3. Please be aware that this entry contains spoilers for ‘The Bloody Baron’ line of sub-quests, though does not reference the wider story. Please also be aware that it covers subjects which some readers may find upsetting.

He’s a monster. Everything I know about him, everything he’s admitted to – I should strike him down where he stands. But all I want to do is put my arm around him and say how sorry I am.
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A Witcher 3 Diary, Day 5: Stream

Continuing a (mostly) in-character diary of my adventures in The Witcher 3. No spoilers in this one.

It’s in the trees. It’s coming. I’m coming. A grizzled thunderbolt, sprinting fury and hunger, a destination in mind but a supreme willingness to be distracted by anything en route. Snatch flowers, hurdle fences, charge and charge, looking for trouble, hoping for trouble.
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A Witcher 3 Diary, Day 3: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

fear my gardening gloves

Continuing a (mostly) in-character diary of my adventures in The Witcher 3 [official site]. Probably contains spoilers. N.B. critical opinion & technical complaints are happening elsewhere on the site.

I’m going on a bear hunt.
I’m going to catch a big one.
What a beautiful day!
I’m not scared.

I’m also wearing nothing but my underpants.
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A Cities Skylines Succession Diary: The End

Sorry for the delay on concluding this – one person got behind, then we had a domino effect where everyone else was off-schedule, then we got distracted by a bumblebee and… Here it is, though: the final part of the Cities: Skyline succession game I’ve been playing with Jonathan Shipley and Dan Corns, in which we pass our savefile onto the next person whenever our shared city levels up. In this last part: so much death, and yet not enough.
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