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Dead On: Die2Nite Begins Season 2

You are now entering a zombie cynicism-free zone, OK?

How many of you guys have tried Die2Nite? It’s a free-to-play zombie survival browser game that sorts everybody into rinky-dink townships of some 30 or 40 people and then sees how long the lot of you can hold off the inevitable in real time, with the zombies attacking every night. It’s interesting for a couple of reasons- (1) It’s hilariously brutal. (2) It’s social. As I covered in my impressions piece, when another player breaks into your hovel and steals your sandwich, you will experience a rare, crystalline anger you have never felt before.

Better yet, the game’s just begun Season 2, with a collection of new features, including trained dogs and “extreme camping”. I get excited and provide details after the jump.
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Live And Let Die: Die2Nite Launches

Sound the Castle Shotgun Happiness Bugle! The English-language release of free-to-play zombie survival browser horrowshow Die2Nite has come about. Invitation keys are no longer needed. Bin ’em if you got ’em. You can sign up and start playing right here, and you can read my impressions of the beta here.

In short, you and a few dozen other players are tasked with surviving as long as possible, with fierce waves of zombies crashing against your walls each real-world night. Work together, improve your defences, lynch the griefers and be sure to drag any corpses outside your town, and you just might last a week. The game’s mad and willfully uninformative trailer follows…
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Die2Nite: Horrifying Harbour Of Crime

You’re new around here. Let me tell you who I am. My name is Quinns. I am a scavenger, and I am a survivor, and I have had a shit day. I spent ten hours searching for salvage out in the desert, and when I finally came back to this town dragging this here piece of scrap iron, I discovered that some desperate soul had raided my tent and stolen the only belonging I left at home. They took my doggy bag of food. Do you know what a gallows is? Well, I’ll tell you. A gallows is what we build when souls take my food.
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