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Feature: Vertigogogogogogogo

Wot I Think: InMomentum

Digital Arrow's free-running racing/jumping game arrived on Steam earlier this week. We sent our least suitable candidate to try and master its high-speed abstract world - and he failed. But he can at least tell you what he made of it.Haha, I am really bad at this.Really bad. I'm the kind of guy who, when making a model aeroplane as a child, pretty much just…

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InMomentum InTransition To Unreal 3 Engine

Interesting news for InMomentum, the splendid esoteric free running platform... thing. They've just been approved by Epic to move over to the Unreal 3 engine. The game, currently in beta, was previously using the Unreal Development Kit. But now they say they're able to do a lot more, with a more flexible engine and greater polish. As project lead Norbert Varga explains to us, after…

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Bounce Bounce: InMomentum Trailer, Beta

After a short delay, the InMomentum beta is officially starting today. 25 of our lucky subscribers already received keys to access the game, and they'll be joined by anyone who previously signed up for the beta starting later tonight. (It could take up to 48 hours for all the keys to reach people.) To celebrate the news, there's a lovely new trailer for the game…

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Leap This Way: InMomentum Beta Is On

Edit: Unbelievably, Digital Arrow's beta sign up page was just the victim of a flood attack, and 200 sign ups were lost. If you signed up in the last hour or two, you might want to fill in the form again.Edit again: The computer whizzes have managed to recover all lost entries. There's now no need to resubmit.In Momentum, the really splendid jumpy-bouncy game from…

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Hands On: InMomentum

I think this one is going to be big. If you've heard of indie developers, Digital Arrow, it's likely because of their forthcoming Unigine RPG, Dilogus. Less known is another project, InMomentum. InMomentum is a free-running game that plays on first-person jumping. It's a freeform platformer that lets you feel extraordinary. This is something special.

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