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Kick off: Mutant Football League leaves early access

Mutant Football League, which released yesterday, has a pretty liberal definition of the word 'mutant'. The launch trailer features skeletons, robots, aliens and orcs having at it on the hallowed turf, but there's not a mutant in sight. Not that I'm complaining: the more varied the MFL competitors the better, I say. Ohhh, 'MFL'. I see what they did there now. You can click through…

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Mutant Football League Is Coming To PC

Digital Dreams Entertainment has come out with early pre-alpha footage for a little game called Mutant Football League [official site]. Remember Mutant Football League? Memories of it are likely to be lingering way back in the dusty recesses of your brain. It originally released on the Mega Drive in the early '90s and has had a couple iterations over the years, although never on PC. This latest version…

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Roar! Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn Stomps Out

If you want to shoot dinosaurs in their extinct faces, your interests are catered to now more than ever. With Ark: Survival Evolved, The Hunter: Primal, The Stomping Land, Orion: Prelude, Primal Carnage: Extinction, Crytek's new tech demo, and more, it's chockablockasauraus out there. If dinogames could be a bit better (or not a total shambles, in some cases) that'd be nice.Now the Carnivores series,…

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