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Feature: Cool as a cubecumber

Have You Played… Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube?

If Minecraft had been a chilled out puzzle platformer instead of a chilled out survival-esque sandbox, it would probably look a lot like Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube. Accompanied by the same kind of easy-going, zen-like tunes as its voxel cousin, Qbeh-1 delights in the simple pleasures of collecting a bunch of blocks and using them to create makeshift bridges and steps in order to reach…

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Explore Broken Reality’s weird internet with a demo

The lurid vaporwave hyper-capitalist, pseudo-Japanese nonsense internet of Broken Reality is a deep circle of hell, but a fun place to explore and mess around in. Released today by Dynamic Media Triad along with a free demo, Broken Reality is an exploration adventure set on the intertubes, with tongue firmly in cheek. You thrust your big virtual thumb at things for kudos, slash pop-up ads…

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Feature: Way down in the hole

Depths Of Fear – Knossos review

I’m terrified of a goat. How has it come to this? To be clear, it’s a Satyr rather than a farmyard animal but the features that frighten me aren’t Dionysian or mythological in the slightest. I’m cringing from the echoing clip-clop of hooves, a piercing bleat and a belching whinny. Depths of Fear is a game about being hunted and murdered by monsters in ever-changing…

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