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If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play Plink

At this point my speakers were emitting a sound that I can only describe as 'the cry of the Heavens as they fold in on themselves in the final cataclysm that marks the end of man's brief waking life.'

This is a thing to be treasured. Plink teams you up with strangers from an internet and demands that you make sweet music together. You can make discordant, ear-troubling ditties as well, that’s your choice, but the results tend toward the funky, perhaps even verging on groovy at times. It’s cheered me up no end this morning, moving a cursor up and down, clicking a button, even bopping my head in time to the beat at one point. If you find yourself playing with a plinker who seems hellbent on recreating the best of The Human League, you may well be sharing the decks with my good self. Chrome only, it seems.

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