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AbleGamers Charity Celebrates 2014’s Accessible Games

This little war of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.

We all know what the bestest best games of 2014 are, and that there can be no disagreement about them. Sadly, a fair few of those will be difficult to play for people with mobility issues, colour blindness, or other disabilities. Celebrating games open to more people, the charity AbleGamers has declared its Accessible Game of the Year winners and runners-up. The PC is well-represented, but one surprising winner is one of the year’s most physically-demanding games: Platinum’s Bayonetta 2. I think it’s well worth us having a nosey at, even if it is a console game.

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Gaming For Everyone: Game Accessibility Guidelines

I’m pretty amazing at taking things for granted. I can easily hold the remote in one hand, and a fork in the other, as I kick the cat out of the way to watch Paralympic athletes with significantly fewer limbs than I being far better at activities than I’ll ever be. And so it is that I have given very little thought to how gaming might be needlessly impeded for disabled gamers. Which means I’m grateful to have received information about a new research project called Game Accessibility Guidelines.

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