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I really don’t understand why there aren’t more hacking games. Uplink was brilliant, but it was 350 years ago now. So why aren’t we inundated with hacking simulators that will let us feel like super-cool hax0rz while we sit in our pants at the PC? Disrupt is offering such pant-sitting opportunities, as is demonstrated in the trailer below.

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Assange ‘Em Up: First Look at Disrupt

I am a bit of a sucker for games that make me feel like a ninetiesesque hack ninja with florescent fingerless gloves, a RECKLESS disregard for meatspace, someone with USBs instead of toenails, cameras instead of eyeballs… drools… Lekë Dobruna is in the early stages of making a game called Disrupt enabling you to legitimately yell to your flatmates that you’ve just found a backdoor into the Chicago Police Department to erase silly Yez’s DUI. Read the rest of this entry »