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Multitasking – What To Do While Gaming

I am so great at Photoshop.

People like to divide people into two groups: those who can multitask, and those who cannot. Nearly everyone includes themselves in the former group, and then they put everyone else in the latter. Most people are lying. But there’s another group: those who needto multitask. I’d put myself in that group – the sort who can’t concentrate on one thing unless he or she is doing at least one other thing at the same time. You may call it ADHD. I call it efficient. I wrote about it last year, and it turns out it’s more common than I’d ever realised. So below are my suggestions for the best ways to play while you’re doing something else.

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Waffle: My Distracted Gaming Mind

My brainium, unoccupied.

I’m not someone who can do one thing at a time. If I’m not doing multiple tasks I cannot concentrate, and get quickly distracted from anything I should be attempting. Writing this requires the distractions of a train journey, music, and text message conversations. One game at a time is rarely enough for me. Begin your diagnoses.

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