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Posts tagged “Divinity II: Ego Draconis”

Larry’s Mod: Divinity II – Developer’s Cut

Here's a neat and fairly unexpected thing. While I wouldn't call Divinity II: Ego Draconis my favorite fantasy RPG ever (the writing was witty, but the rest of the game was super uneven), Larian's supported it quite well over time, and a new Developer's Cut edition sounds like the cherry atop that dragon-flavored sundae. Most enticingly, it includes a very user-friendly Developer Mode that gives…

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Divinerest: Divinity – Original Sin Announced

Following Divinity II: Ego Draconis, Larian Studios are returning Divinity to its Divine roots with Original Sin, which may well be the Divinest Divinitude of all. PC Gamer have seen the return to isometric RPGing in action and Larian head honcho Swen Vincke tell them the game is being created to “address frustrations with Divine Divinity”. Turn-based combat is in, as is a story tailor…

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Feature: Flying High

Interview: Dragon Commander Commander

Swen Vincke is the bossman at Larian, they of the Divinity games and now ambitious Dragon Commander, and he's taking his studio in a bold new direction: free of the publisher contract, they are going to develop and publish the game themselves. Vincke talks about this strategy - and few other issues like the real reason people said the PC was "dead" - in this…

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Necromantic: Some Thoughts On Divinity 2

I've been playing through the early parts of Larian Studios' recent RPG Divinity II in my spare time, with a view to writing up a detailed piece on it for RPS when I beat the full game. It's been an uneven experience, because while it's an inferior experience to both Risen and Dragon Age, it has kept me coming back to it. I've been coming…

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