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PC Dead Space 2 Not Dead (Or Maybe It is)

Marquee Moon is amazing! Not relevant! But still true!

A quick NEWS DOANLOAD – YES! DOANLOAD! DOANLOAD – before I head bedwards. As brought to our attention by Mr Diamond’s Unfortunate Sex-tape in the recent comments thread, gameskeeper-turned-poacher (or vice-versa, depending how you look on games journos going industry-wards) Jeff Green twittered noting that Dead Space 2 is totally on the PC. And he should know. We should all be calm. Calm.

EDIT: Actually, Jeff’s retracted it a bit. It’s “under consideration”. Which, as anyone who’s been drunk and sharking possible sexual targets knows, means “I will go for them after three more drinks”. Ah – the PC. The boozy one night stand of the videogames industry.