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Have You Played… Dofus?


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I don’t remember why I started playing Dofus, but there must have been something to this cartoony isometric MMO that kept me coming back to pick flax and cut crops. Maybe it was the grid-based tactical fights that meant combat had a slower, more thoughtful pace. Maybe it was standing around with your bags full of goodies in the marketplace, selling rubbish loot. Maybe it was simply because the game was free and it would run on any stuttering computer. Does Dofus still exist? Let me check.

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7 Things About Wakfu

What big eyes you have, Wolfma

The unfortunately-named Dofus is the biggest MMO you’ve (probably) never heard of, and Wakfu is the highly-anticipated sequel you’ve (probably) never heard of. Why haven’t you heard of it? Because it exists in a meta-universe made of pure psychic energy that only the next evolution of humankind can even sense the existence of. Also, because it’s French. Wakfu’s English version also launched a few days ago – I know that because I’ve just been playing it for a few hours. Here’s what I discovered.
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Bloodless But Hexy: Gobbowl

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Remember Dofus? I don’t know if it really appealed to our target demographic of landed gentry and high ranking naval officers, but it is a cartoony, apparently hugely popular and somewhat adorable French MMO that has already spawned a strategy role playing spinoff, Wakfu, and developers Ankama are now releasing a free browser-based tactical game based on a sport in Dofus’ world. Is Dofus’ world actually Dofus? I don’t know and I don’t intend to find out right now. Instead, I’m going to drop a trailer and tutorial for Gobbowl right here and inform you that it will be playable on the 26th of this month.

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The Dofus Millions

I did mean to post about this earlier in the week, but I got distracted by a bee or something. Dofus creators Ankama games are claiming ten million players. The super-cute French MMO has been quietly hooking people in for quite some time now, but in the last year the game seems to have expanded drastically in popularity. It’s worth remembering that Ankama could just be claiming ten million accounts, like so many other free MMOs whose rosters never truly go inactive. Nevertheless none of this is really relevant, what is relevant is that the option subscribe to the game – for extra options, and presumably higher-level hats – is being taken up by hundreds of thousands of players. The Ankama report says that one and a half million people are paying £3.90 a month to play with the enhanced options.

I can kind of see why, too. I found it quite charming when I spent some time with it a couple of years back. It’s impossibly cute and friendly, with a low difficulty curve and none of the off-putting hardcore brass-knobs that hang so opulently off the rest of the MMO fraternity. (Although they’ve recently turned around and out-done even the most hardcore of MMOs with an option for permanent-death on their “heroic” servers. Blimey!) Anyway, well done Dofus. That full press release after the jump.

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