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Checking For A Pulse: Doom 3 Mods

Everyone loves an underdog – but Doom 3 is in the curious position of being an underdog whilst simultaneously being big enough to be widely loathed. Arguably, only Bioshock has stolen its crown as king of the PC FPS whipping boys – both being heavily-trumpeted games that didn’t live up to their own enormous hype, and suffered a disproportionately vicious backlash as a result.

Doom 3 -which I found bland and repetitive but often fun and certainly atmospheric, its major crime being stretching its few ideas over too many hours – however, has managed to enjoy a huge and enthusiastic modding scene nonetheless. There’s everything from extensive co-op versions to an infinite array of flashlight tweaks and assorted mini-campaigns, maps and graphical upgrades. It may not enjoy the profile of the big Half-Life 2 mods, but its scene remains alive. Hoping to throw this underdog a bone (I have no idea why – these cursed whims of mine), I’ve spent today wading through a few of them.
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DoomBreedGrounds: Z-Hunter

Whatever you want to say about Doom 3 (and usually it’s either “boooooooring” or “oh c’mon, it wasn’t that bad”), it’s fairly safe to say that it didn’t really capture that classic Doom feel. That classic Doom feel being “aaaargh shoot everywhere all the time wheeeee boomboomboom”, of course.

There’re a few mods around that try to pull D3 back into the good ol’ dark ages, but top-down singleplayer shooter Z-Hunter’s an entertaining new kid on the block. A very stupid new kid for sure, but stupid often = fun.

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