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Hellish: Doom’s Open Beta And Post-Launch Plans

You needn’t wait until May 13th to tear your chums to chum in id Software’s new Doom [official site], as the multiplayer beta test will be opened up to all briefly this month. A multiplayer beta is already on but limited to pre-order shenanigans, so from Friday, April 15th through to Monday, April 18th it’ll be open to anyone who fancies a go. It’ll offer two maps and two modes.

Publishers Bethesda have also announced their plans for after Doom’s launch, which include free updates to the map editor as well as paid DLC for multiplayer.

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Doom On You? Doom’s New Cinematic Trailer

Y’know how Deadwood characters holler modern rude words so their cussin’ has the same impact on modern audiences as authentic 1870s oaths like “golly gee whillikers!” and “goodness me!” would’ve had on decent folks back in the day? How can/do/will/coulda/woulda/shoulda old game series be updated while keeping that flavour? I have no answer (because there is no one answer) but ask because a new cinematic trailer for this year’s Doom [official site] feels quite wrong in its attempt to bridge past and present, and it’s clearly a problem id have spent years (and years!) trying to get their heads around.

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Nine Doom Multiplayer Maps In Less Than A Minute

It may not look especially like the Doom [official site] we’re familiar with, but the latest 43-second trailer for the incoming reboot offers a brief glimpse of the nine multiplayer maps we’ll be running and gunning around in in a couple of month’s time. Come see that in motion, as well as some related words after the drop.

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Doom Multiplayer Allows You To Become The Demons, Beta Dated

I’m in two minds about the new Doom [official site] game. On the one hand, it looks suitably pacey and gory, but the other hand keeps pointing out that the melee attacks seem to interrupt the flow and momentum of the shooting and strafing.

This new multiplayer trailer pleases me though. Sort of. It’s not particularly Doom-y – there are gadgets being lobbed around and people are leaping about the place as if they have jump buttons and jet boosters – but it looks suitably frantic. And then somebody eats a pentagram and turns into a monster! That’s new.

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Doom On You: New Doom Summoned To May 13th

Here’s me muttering about one newstyle oldstyle FPS when along roars word of a right biggun: Doom [official site] will be upon us on Friday the 13th of May. That’s almost twelve years since Doom 3, you know, and twenty-something years since the original two Dooms this new one seems to be calling back to more. This news is accompanied by a wee new trailer full of demons, dismemberment, bwamp noises, and a Baron of Hell ripping the player’s legs off. Nice.

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A Few Of My Favourite Monsters

We live in complex times. When I was a youngster, it was perfectly reasonable to buy a game simply because it had more monsters than the other games. Playing through shooters, RPGs and platformers alike, I’d be tempted to give up when I reached the point where no new enemy types were appearing. The very idea of a game with only one type of enemy, no matter how intelligent and believable, was poison. Give me all of your mutants, demons and aliens, I cried, give them to me now.

Here are a few of my favourites, ranging from the first-person shooters of my teenage years to the surreal horrors of my childhood.

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Mafia III, Doom, Homefront Release Dates Leaked

The year 2016 is slowly spinning up and retailers just can’t wait to tell you when you’ll be able to give them $60 for video games. Amazon France, Best Buy, Target—they care not a whit for carefully-crafted marketing plans or poorly-kept secrets.

Which is to say the release dates for Doom [official site], Homefront: The Revolution [official site], and Mafia 3 [official site] maybe (probably) leaked.

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