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John Woo-Hoo: Double Action Boogaloo Is Free, Out Now

I've seen Adam do this.

Before Counter-Strike won the Mod War (1996-2003), it was common for total conversions to take cues from John Woo films. Mods like Action Quake 2 (and its Action * derivatives), The Opera and The Specialists made multiplayer that wasn’t simply about running and shooting, but about doing both in style, preferably by diving sideways in slow motion through a skyscraper window while idly daydreaming about how good the Matrix sequels were surely going to be.

Those days may live again (even the Matrix bit, if you still dare to dream): some of the makers of the Specialists have released a free, standalone multiplayer shooter called Double Action: Boogaloo. Free as in free, that is; no microtransactions or free-to-play infrastructure, just a simple game of wielding pistols akimbo and releasing flocks of doves. There’s a new trailer and more detail below.

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Pole-Vaulting The Shark: APB Vendetta Kickstarter

I can't shout 'WHAT?' loudly enough for this to make sense
In today’s game news from another universe: Modern Warfare’s sensitive depiction of the banality of combat has prompted the Pulitzer committee to add a video games category. Half-Life 3’s midnight launch also brought with it Steam 2. And APB, the most populated and well-received action-MMO of its generation, spawning a cultural revolution and raising gaming to the highest artform, has a sister game in production: the action multiplayer shooter known as APB Vendetta.
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