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You & Him: Curing Doctor Who

That Doctor Who game: a fantastic promise but ultimately an unhappy time. All that exciting adventuring we saw in the trailers and in the interviews, only to be realised as repetitive and frustrating minigames, clearly made for a gamepad. I don’t wish to twist the knife unduly – it is, after all, a free game, a very welcome bonus for UK TV license-payers, and one of painfully few attempts at sending the Doctor to the one universe he’s never really sussed out. Even a poor meal is something to be grateful for when someone cooks it as a favour.

So I come here not to bury Dr Caesar, but to praise what he could be. Any future Doctor Who game has to keep only one thing in mind to be on the right track from the off.
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Dr Who’s Marvellous Videogame Adventures

I can’t wait to see if these games are good, because then I can use the phrase “time-lauded”. In fact I’ve probably already used it. Anyway, the first footage from the BBC’s free-to-play adventures with The Doctor has materialised on the distant edge of the YouTube nebulae, and we’ve embedded it below. Daleks make threats that their sink plungers can’t cash, or something.
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