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Dragon Age III Going Big On Customization, Environments

Oooooo, pretty concept art.

I think I actually like Dragon Age II a lot more than most people. Mainly, though, I appreciate for what it nearly ended up being – not so much what it was. I mean, it explored some seriously interesting subject matter and dropped the tried and tired “epic globe stroll to save the world” format in favor of a more self-contained, intimate tale. Time passed, things changed, characters (sort of) led their own lives, etc. Unfortunately, those lives all tended to lead to the same goddamn cave, and I’ve played FMV games with more robust character customization. To hear BioWare tell it, though, the recently de-doctored RPG giant is taking those complaints extremely seriously. I do, however, still have a few reservations about the resulting plan for Dragon Age III.

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Dragon Age: The Possible Ensequelling

Dragon Age 71r?

↑ that logo is a fake, sorry.

With Mass Effect now concluded, at least until the inevitable announcement of a new trilogy, a first-person shooter and a free-to-play god-knows-what, and SWTOR currently being fitted into its microtransacted iron lung, all eyes turn to the core Bioware team’s next roleplaying move. The smart money is surely on a new Dragon Age game, and tiny wee scraps of hint have seemed to support this. Today we got significantly more than tiny wee scraps, as an alleged survey allegedly leaked by alleged specially-selected community members offers all manner of alleged potential details on a third Dragon Age game.
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Bioware’s Dragon Age III Plans Collated

Yes, obviously there’s going to be a third game. It’s a long way off, still. But what are they going to do with it? Match-3 puzzler? We should be so lucky. Instead it’s going to feature an art style similar to DA2, and you’ll be able to full tinker with the loadouts of your party members. Fighting will also be encounter-based, rather than surviving waves of enemies. Hooray!

You see, using my sneaky internet-enabled “eyes” to read this comprehensive thread on NeoGaf, I am able reveal that the game is about “Saving the world from… itself” (you have to include a little pause there when speaking aloud, with dramatic turn to camera) and that whether you play as a set character as in Dragon Age II, or as a player-created character, has yet to be decided and will based on player feedback. Hmm, I think I’ll use my magical ear-trumpet to collect that feedback for you from the howling winds of the internet, Bioware: player-created character. Lots more detail in the thread. There might even be co-op! Maybe. A yes please there, too.