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Eurogamthinkowrote: Drakensang Review

After my first impressions post, Eurogamer totally paid me to write more words for them. I just can’t say no to their shiny gold pieces. Anyway, I take apart Drakensang for ’em by starting like so…

There’s an annoyance I have to deal with when playing Drakensang. The annoyance is that whenever I get down to a deep, involving tactical session of balancing my team’s abilities, wondering whether some on-the-fly-XP tweaking is required to beat back this oppressive wall of undead, my girlfriend sticks her head around the office door and asks me if I’m still playing Shrek.

And continuing ever-onwards. Yays.

The Lower Classes: Drakensang Impressions

Given infinite time and money (instead of very little time and enough money to buy a rusty dagger from a passing kobold), Drakensang is the sort of thing we’d give the full Wot I Think treatment to. Unfortunately, with it coming out this week, there’s no time to give this epic German RPG the time it requires to really measure up its merits in a timely fashion. Rather than leaving this particular dungeon unexplored, I thought I’d spend a few hours with it – like, the first 4-5 or so – and give it a quick eye-of-Sauron over. So I did!

You’ll find it beneath the cut, along with far less wince-worthy fantasy gags.
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Drakensang English Demo

None of us have had time to play this yet, but I wanted to post it up here for y’all to download and possibly discuss. The 500mb demo of the German RPG is here. I was stumped by the language barrier of playing the German demo a few weeks back, but I can nevertheless confirm that the game is very pretty, and very fantasy. Still, it does seem to be extremely well made, so it might just be worth a look. And it has reminded me to take a look at their previous game, which I have on my shelf here, the completely mad Project Nomads.

Kieron says he might look at the Drakensang in more detail later, but he quite often forgets what he’s doing and

Drakensang Demo: Ich Bin Stumped

In my enfeebled state this morning I set the Drakensang demo downloading. I’d been looking up developers Radon Labs, and the reason for that was my uncovering their 2002 game Project Nomads in a great heap of rubbish in my office. Nomads was a stark-raving mad quasi-strategic action game, in which you traveled about on a flying island, and I’ll write a retro piece about it next week. Anyway, I wanted to see what those imaginative developers were doing now – having been surprised they still existed at all. It seems they’ve learned their lesson, because they’re developing the generic fantasy of Drakensang. There’s a demo! What I somehow failed to realise until I came to install it, was that the demo was in German. Undaunted, I set out on a quest. Impressions follow.

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