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Posts tagged “Dreams”

Good News From Another Universe

Some days, there isn't much news to report. Today is one of those days. The sensible thing would be to go play a few delightful indie games, pen a few more Skyrim misadventures or open my very veins to hold forth about how Chuckie Egg made me, but the sensible thing feels far too involved when I've only poisoned my body and mind with one…

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To Sleep, Perchance To Game

Briefly mentioned in The Sunday Papers was a story about how dreaming can improve your gaming. It's a thought I wanted to expand upon further, pulling together a few stories that relate, and pondering some thoughts on the relationship between gaming and sleeping. I do this with no expertise, and a personal hatred of sleep itself.

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RPS Countdown: To Sleep, Perchance to Game…

It's been a long time coming, but we've decided it's time to cravenly submit to the dominant form of critical discourse in the early twenty-first century. That is, list features. However, as is our wont, we will subvert the form as best we can. Which isn't very best at all, but we're trying, no, really, we're trying. ("very best at all"? - Ed)Anyway - for…

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