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Broken Roads’s moral compass will make you panic about every decision

The makers of upcoming post-apocalyptic, narrative-driven RPG Broken Roads have explained how its morality compass works, and it’s already making me worry about my decisions. As someone who likes to play RPGs through in a few different ways, because you can’t be evil in your first playthrough, I’m intrigued to see how my actions will come back to bite me later on. I think the…

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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Comforting caves, peculiar planes, and bubbling baths

Screenshot Saturday! A day for game developers to give us all a look at what they’re working on. And considering the time of year, a surprisingly unspooky one, but we’ll do our best to find scares where we can get them. This week: somewhere to hide from the rain, a mysterious plane crash, and a nice dip in the hot springs.

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