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DOS Boot: No One Lives Forever deserves to live on


DOS Boot is just Brock digging into old DOS/Windows games and talking half-remembered cool and bizarre experiences that are only available on abandon-ware sites at this point. Weekends should be for having fun and by god, we’re going to have some wholesome gosh dang fun on RPS Weekends.

Nearly a month back, I proposed that we all play No One Lives Forever — a game we all hear is one of those All Time PC Greats. Unfortunately, NOLF is one of those titles trapped in forever ownership hell-limbo, and despite big attempts from publishers to bring the IP back, no one seems to know who fully owns the title at this point. Which is why… as a site… we’ve come to agree that if a game has no ownership it cannot be stolen. So I invited the RPS community to join me in finally hunkering down to play No One Lives Forever. And now I am back… to compare notes… this doesn’t sound as threatening as it did in my head. We did a game and it is fun.

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