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Fight For Your Rite To: Dungeon Party Open Beta

Dungeon! Dungeon!

We’ve mentioned Cyanide’s (who are currently finishing off Blood Bowl) free-to-play MMO being in development before. However news reaches us via the wonders of e-mail that it’s gone into full on Open Beta. You can download the 400Mb or so client from here and make an account here. I haven’t had a chance to take it out for a spin yet, but it appears to be a competitive team-based comedy RPG thing based around dragging the treasure out of the dungeon first. Also, dressing your characters up like agreeable dolts. You’ll get the feel from a couple of videos beneath the cut. Anyone given it a shot yet?
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Always Standing In The Dungeon At Parties

Bloody Wizards

News reaches us that Dungeon Party has released some new screenshots. Which is a surprise. Not because they released new screenshots – people do that all the time. But that there was a game called Dungeon Party at all, as somehow we’d missed it. Man! It’s from Cyanide – currently working on Chaos League 2 Blood Bowl and is a comedy, competitive action-MMO. Which is also Free. From watching the trailers and reading between the line, it appears to be a cross between Gauntlet and Capture the Flag with a fairly cute comedy wrapper. Oh – and it’s out early next year, apparently. And here’s that first trailer we somehow missed…
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