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Dungeon Runners To End, In Style

Here's a bit of sad news. The free MMO Dungeon Runners is to close down this New Year. Here's a bit of personal guilty news. I haven't played it for so long. Which is a shame, because amongst the seventy three trillion free MMOs currently available online, Dungeons Runners was the one taking the piss. The producer and lead programmer of the NC Soft project,…

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NCSoft Austin In Trouble?

Edit: Denied by NCSoft, but then they would say that.The rumour-mill over at Joystiq is grinding up some vital seeds of information from the Texas MMO scene. It looks like NCSoft's main North America office might be in trouble, which means that Dungeon Runners and Tabula Rasa are on dangerous ground.Future development of Tabula Rasa will reportedly be handed over to Seattle-based Guild Wars creator…

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Bling Gnome, They Call Him

No, it's not our new nickname for Alec, it's an a heavily-pimped new feature for NCSoft's under-rated free MMO, Dungeon Runners. I really like the 'Runners, and it's a shame that it doesn't get a bit more press in these EnMMOrged times. Anyway, it's a gnome that eats your crappy loot and literally shits out gold, so you don't have to return to the quest…

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