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Battle Arenas: Anti-heroes of Newerth

After League of Legends and DOTA, Cara brings us her take on S2's lane-pushing rival Heroes of Newerth. “I AM DRUNK,” I announce on our Mumble voicechat server at ten thirty on a Friday night. “Let’s play Heroes of Newerth.” “Ugh, I haven’t played it in years,” Airhorse grumbles, though he once paid for an account back when it wasn't free to play. He has…

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Red Alert 3 Trailer Analysis: “War and Boobs”

You may have noticed that with Red Alert 3 EA are pressing the button marked "Sex" as if it were a magical device which ejaculated streams of money. Which it may well be. Now that they've actually released details of the full cast, being a serious games site, I thought it of critical importance we analysed whether by spending such tall-dollars they've managed to succeed…

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Steps Towards An Elitist Critic Future

And I don't mean that in a bad way. There's a traditional idea that the critics – that's us guys who write stuff about games and lob a number between 6 and 10 at the end to drum up a comments thread and/or death-threats – have rarefied and/or completely counter-populist tastes. We'd more happily hail a game made entirely of the string and weeds that's…

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