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Battle Arenas: Anti-heroes of Newerth

Monkeys AND breasts? They're really going all out here

After League of Legends and DOTA, Cara brings us her take on S2’s lane-pushing rival Heroes of Newerth.

“I AM DRUNK,” I announce on our Mumble voicechat server at ten thirty on a Friday night. “Let’s play Heroes of Newerth.”

“Ugh, I haven’t played it in years,” Airhorse grumbles, though he once paid for an account back when it wasn’t free to play. He has been trying to avoid playing it because it will be the world’s longest patch.

“Well I created a new account specially so I could give my character a joke name,” I say. (They make you pay $10 to change your name, erk.) “And FRAPS is running. So let’s go.”
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Red Alert 3 Trailer Analysis: “War and Boobs”

There's so many images in this one, I'll be damned if I'm going to caption them all. Fill in your own, eh?

You may have noticed that with Red Alert 3 EA are pressing the button marked “Sex” as if it were a magical device which ejaculated streams of money. Which it may well be. Now that they’ve actually released details of the full cast, being a serious games site, I thought it of critical importance we analysed whether by spending such tall-dollars they’ve managed to succeed in titilating us. I called the undisputed Miss Sex of videogame journalism, Gamasutra and Sexyvideogameland‘s Leigh Alexander, and we went through the trailer together, deciding who was hot and who was not. You might be surprised by the results. You may not be surprised to discover I was drinking.
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Steps Towards An Elitist Critic Future

I played it on the PC, so its a PC game. Doh.
And I don’t mean that in a bad way.

There’s a traditional idea that the critics – that’s us guys who write stuff about games and lob a number between 6 and 10 at the end to drum up a comments thread and/or death-threats – have rarefied and/or completely counter-populist tastes. We’d more happily hail a game made entirely of the string and weeds that’s emerged blinking into the sunlight from the anus of a man quoting Proust than a good four-square solid meat-and-potato game like our mum used to make. And, to a degree, it’s true. Problem is, it’s just not true enough.

But I think it’s growing more so, and there’s a chance this year could be the turning point.
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