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Oooo, Pretty – Dust: An Elysian Tale Now On Steam

It's like they say: Fight fire with purple spaceships that have fire painted on them.

Dust is not often a pretty thing. It’s grimy and chunky and prone to congealing in hairy globules on only the shiniest, most typically attractive surfaces. Also, it’s been locked in an eternal war with lungs since the dawn of time, and I consider myself a close ally of all things breathing-related since they keep me alive. Dust: An Elysian Tale, however, is a different story. Its hand-painted 2D stylings are utterly gorgeous, glowing with color and dancing with life. I want to play it right nowwwwww- oh, I can. Dust has piled on top of Steam, which – in addition to sounding like a physical impossibility – is very good news.

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Grime To Kill: Dust – An Elysian Tail

More news from PAX East, this time via the electronic eyes of Polgyon. Dean Dodrill and Alex Kain told the world that their side-scrolling ARPG, Dust: An Elysian Tail, will be coming to Steam in April. There’s a trailer below, which is handy for people like me who haven’t played the XBLA original, because Dust means two things in my gaming world: a shooty EVE thing or a platforming sweep ’em up. This Dust has lots of hacking and possibly some slashing, and anthropomorphic characters.

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