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MLG Winter Championships: ESFI Coverage, Day One

Our e-sports correspondent is ESFI World’s Samuel Lingle

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, the grass is greening, the birds are back from their migrations, and the nerds are flocking to the Columbus Convention Center. It’s time for Major League Gaming’s Winter Championship. Yea. Winter Championship.

So MLG may not be good at naming things, but that’s not what they do. They throw video game tournaments, and their first big one of 2012 is this weekend in Columbus, Ohio.
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E-Sporting Chance: The March Round-Up

Our e-sports correspondent is ESFI World’s Samuel Lingle

It’s been a month since the last e-sports update, but fear not. They’re returning with weekly regularity. In theory.

Today I’m going to recap most of the bigger events of the past month or so, considering there was a lot of exciting stuff you guys may have missed. It’s StarCraft heavy by necessity, as the majority of e-sport events these days feature Blizzard’s popular RTS.

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E-Sporting Chance: Around The World

RPS’ e-sports correspondent is ESFI World’s Samuel Lingle.

E-sports lacks many of the catalysts that foster rivalry in other professional sports. There are no Manchester Derbies, since teams and players are not regionally associated. There isn’t a Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees clash; there is no division to fight over or playoff spot on the line throughout a season. Instead, rivalries in e-sports must grow more organically, from chance meetings in important matches to drama outside the game. But there’s one thing that players of both electronic and traditional sports are sure to get pumped over – (pride in) their nation of origin.
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E-Sporting Chance: 2012 Kick Off

Our e-sports correspondent is ESFI World’s Samuel Lingle.

E-sports in 2012 got going quickly as a number of January events opened the year. The Global StarCraft 2 League (GSL) kicked off their new season. The fighting game community knocked off APEX 2012, featuring Super Smash Bros and various other titles. The DotA 2 beta continues to chug along with various tournaments and leagues. The biggest of the past week, though, was the StarCraft 2 tournament at HomeStory Cup IV. Coverage and results right here.
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E-Sporting Chance: 2011’s Achievements

ESFI World‘s Sam Lingle wraps up the events of 2011.

Two years ago, it would have been easy to give e-sports up for dead, especially in North America. MLG’s console league was having some success, and ESL was still puttering along in Europe, though without the growth that marked the earlier years of this decade. E-sports seemed to have hit a wall after the disastrous end to the Championship Gaming Series. 2011 changed that.

A slew of new e-sport titles have energized the scene. Fans have turned out to events in throngs unimaginable compared to previous events in North America and Europe. Streaming media platforms like Twitch.TV, Own3D.TV, and UStream have helped create a community around the fans and players no one ever dreamed possible. Developers have committed to e-sports in ways never before seen. It was an important year. Let’s look at the details.
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E-Sporting Chance: Hacking Dreams

Last week we took a look back at Major League Gaming Providence, the final event for North America’s largest e-sports circuit. This time, we’ll look at last week’s big event: Dreamhack Winter 2011. See ESFI World’s on-site coverage of the event here.
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E-Sporting Chance: A Tale Of Two Heroes

The world, yesterday.
We’ve decided that it’s time for the hivemind to turn its unblinking gaze on the world of e-sports, and to do that we’ve recruited our chums over at ESFI World to give us a weekly taste of what’s happening on the various competitive and pro-gaming circuits around the world. Introducing this new column is the story of the recent MLG finals in Providence. E-sports drama, it turns out, can be years in the making… [Photos in this article by Zhang Jingna.]
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The $100,000 North American Star League

Starcraft II’s competitive side is really beginning to catch fire, with the North American Star League announcing that their first season will have $100,000 of prize money available. Three seasons have reportedly secured funding, with the last one bringing in $200,000 in prizes. That first season is taking place from April 5th for thirteen weeks. It’ll be viewable five nights a week at 5pm PST, culminating in 16-man finals.

As a side note, I’ve been watching some of the competitive games taking place in SC2, and the top level beginning to seem supernatural. The game is RTS kung-fu. Anyway, it should be interesting to see how this latest bout of e-sports enthusiasm pans out.

Talk Sport: Street Fighter IV vs. StarCraft 2

Him on the right is actually what Quinns looks like.

There’s something distinctly feminine about choosing to get really good at a game. Unlike the very male experience of playing whatever, whenever, basically playing as much as you can get, basically waddling around the game shop with your trousers round your ankles, choosing to get good at a game requires commitment, or even devotion. More difficultly, it also requires that you choose a suitor.

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