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Posts tagged “E3 2011 Diary”

E3 2011 Secret Diary: Monday

Tuesday 7th June, 11am: So Monday contained the first proper bit of E3ing - the EA conference. This took place in a theatre in central LA, with quite the embarrassing typo on the outside. They've called it a "theater"! Everyone seemed too polite to point it out, so I didn't say anything. So 800,000 games journalists crammed themselves in and everyone attempted to set up…

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E3 2011 Secret Diary: Sunday Part 2

I'm in America. Have you heard of America? It's a big country in the Atlantic where the locals ride electronic horses in streets lined with sidewalks. And this week America has turned over all its resources to running the fourth annual E3 County Fair. All the residents are mucking in, helping set up a booth, hand out a leaflet, or wallpaper the side of a…

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