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Xbox Game Pass adds The Sims and other EA games this December

As if all the games on offer on Xbox Game Pass for PC weren't already a pretty good deal, Electronic Arts are adding a big old library of games to the service soon, too. As of December 15th, Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate members will have access to EA Play for no extra cost. That means for your basic Game Pass sub of £8/$10…

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EA are dumping the Origin name with their new “EA desktop app”

Origin is, like, so last decade. A few weeks ago, Electronic Arts changed the name of Origin Access to EA Play. Turns out it's not just the subscription service getting a shake-up however, oh no, they're coming for the Origin software too. EA aren't getting rid of their launcher, rather it's suffering a far worse fate: it's being renamed to the EA desktop app. How…

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Xbox Game Pass will soon include EA Play membership too

Xbox Game Pass For PC is already an absurd bargain, giving access to all Microsoft's games at launch and many others for a few quid per month, and soon it'll include a load of Electronic Arts games too. Microsoft today announced that the basic EA Play membership will be added to Xbox Game Pass subscriptions later this year, and the price will stay the same.…

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EA Play has arrived on Steam

Electronic Arts left Steam nine years ago to do their own thing with Origin, but over the last few months their games have been returning. Now, their subscription service, EA Play, is on Valve's platform, too, allowing you to play games like the Dragon Age series, Battlefield V, and more on Steam for a monthly or yearly fee. It's not just the old stuff EA…

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EA’s subscription service is coming to Steam this month, but only the basic version

Electronic Arts have rebranded their Origin Access subscription service to EA Play, and announced that it will launch on Steam on August 31st. As before, it lets people play many of EA's games for as long as they pay, with a pricier tier giving access to their newest games. However, it seems only the basic version of EA Play is coming to Steam - EA…

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